About us

Hi, we are glad you are on our site today. Firstly because you are special to us and also because you are on the number one online Forever Living Products Mall in Nigeria.
Healthy line is a vision born out of the love for the people. Why do we do what we do?
A few years back, I had contact with one of the Forever Living Products which is our Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, my sister was always sick every other day, living on drugs was a norm to her until I got her a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel, to cut the long story short, she is hale and hearty and not only did she get perfectly well, she doesn’t fall sick anymore and she told me with a smile on her face that her irregular and painful monthly flow is now stable with no pains and this prompted the vision – Healthy Line, Nigeria. Our aim is your wellness and to put smile on peoples face.
Over the years, hundreds of people have used our international certified products for different health challenges ranging from Fibroid, Diabetes, Erectile dysfunction, Infertility, detoxification and weight management and the testimonies keep pouring in.
Our products (Forever Living Products) are of the best quality, 100% natural as we cultivate, process and produce these products in an eco-friendly and natural atmosphere to avoid contamination and deliver the best quality, also our products have no side effects as we are the first in the world to be certified by the International Aloe Science Council in America, certified by NAFDAC, endorsed by The prestigious Jewish KOSHER seal and the Islamic HALAL seal of purity.
This coupled with our top notch customer relationship skill and wide delivery system of products in Nigeria and beyond and many more is our way of telling our customers that our goal is your wellness and putting smile on your faces. We have been doing that since 1978 and we will always do.
To your Wellness,
Adebayo Abiodun Andrew
(CEO, Healthy Line, Nigeria)